Custom Sizes

As a mattress manufacturer one of our specialties is building custom size mattresses and box springs for antique, odd size beds, even RV’s and boats. We can make any of our standard mattresses in odd sizes. So if you have an odd-sized bed give us a call – We’d love to build your custom mattress! Please download our Customer Sizing sheet and bring it in with you for a custom mattress.


The pricing for custom size mattresses is fairly straight forward, it is based solely on the width of the mattress. To price a custom size mattress take the width of your mattress and go to the next size larger and add $150 – the length of the mattress has no impact on the price.

Cut Corners

Occasionally a mattress will need “cut-out” corners to fit into a four poster bed. Usually only one side of the bed will need cut corners – either the head or the foot – though we have made mattresses with 4 cut corners. The pricing for cut corners is $125 per corner plus the price of the mattress. Custom pricing still applies to odd sized mattresses.

Box Springs

The pricing on custom boxsprings is also based on the width of the boxspring however we only use our modular box spring for custom sizes. Custom box spring pricing is as follows:

Up to 38″
39″ to 59″
60″ Plus

Swimming Pool Box Springs

Some older beds have a box spring that fits into the frame and rests on the side rails. We call these swimming pool box springs and they are usually on older beds with very wide side rails, at least 2 “. Swimming pool box springs are priced at $150 more than the custom sized.

Other Considerations

Many older beds are built differently than todays and as a result may sit too high.

Custom or Three-Quarter?
Many antique beds are called “three-quarter” beds, however in the mattress industry a three-quarter bed is a specific size which measures 47”x74”. Because it is a semi-standard size a “three-quarter” mattress tends to be priced slightly less than a custom sized mattress.

Boat Mattresses

We also specialize in boat mattresses, boat sheets, boat toppers and other products.

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