Casco Bay

Good for kids’ beds, guest rooms and seasonal homes. Learn more about our CASCO BAY LINE>

Sebago Lake

Adult Every Day Beds. Great everyday adult beds and for people looking for a better quality mattress in their guest rooms and seasonal homes. Learn more about SEBAGO LAKE LINE>


Our 2-sided Premium Everyday Beds. Very popular matteresses made with the best materials available. Learn more about ACADIA LINE>


These hybrid models combine the comfort of a pocketed coil with the comfort of foam layers.  Learn more about BOOTHBAY>


100% Natural Latex mattresses as well as standard latex models.  Latex is extremely comfortable, breathes well and is anti-microbial. Learn more about MONHEGAN>


Portland-pedic offers quality and value. We use top quality 5 lb memory foam. Learn more about PORTLAND-PEDIC>

Manchester, NH

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777 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH.