In a world where many people don’t know where their products are made or how their food was grown, we are proud to continue a tradition of mattress making that started in 1938, right here in Portland, Maine.

Our factory is more than machines, springs, foams, and fabrics. It’s a maker’s studio where local men and women craft the comfort that helps you live a better life. It’s a humming hive of activity where we pour our passion for better sleep into each and every mattress.

No matter where you buy a bed, start your journey by visiting one of our five locations. We will answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision and get a fair deal.


Hundreds of needles harmonize like a choir to stitch together layers of foam, fiber, and wool. Each material enters the machine as an individual layer and emerges as part of a community of compounds that create a luxurious sleep surface.


The final step we take to enclose each mattress is an intricate process. Our craftspeople use a tape edge machine to sew the quilted top panel to the side border to create a tailored edge.


At the assembly table, the ingredients that make a mattress are fastened together. Comfort layers like foam and padding are attached to the innerspring. Hog rings, which are also used to attach netting in lobster traps, connect the top panel and comfort layers to the spring system.


Our seamstress has many roles including sewing the quilted mattress panels and making box spring covers.

Feel good shopping local, and feel great on your new hand crafted mattress!